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Dynatest is the global leader in pavement engineering equipment and services. Our team of pavement engineers provides practical, data-driven solutions that maximize pavement performance and minimize lifecycle cost. We are committed to providing the best pavement testing equipment and support while continually advancing the state-of-the-art in pavement technology.


Pavement engineers worldwide should have the best tools available to understand and model pavements. In order to do this correctly an engineer must understand how the pavement deteriorates both on the surface and beneath the surface. Dynatest has developed a range of equipment to measure both structural and functional aspects of the pavement systems. 

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The flexibility of our software for structural and functional pavement evaluation allows specifically including the use of sustainable resources in the pavement maintenance and rehabilitation plans of the main road networks and airports all around the world. Furthermore, the continuous development of our tools makes real the possibility to control and manage huge pavements systems in a sustainable and efficient way. 

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All Dynatest equipment is extensively tested before it is shipped to the customer. This ensures that the equipment performs to the highest possible standards. High quality, well engineered original and replacement parts are used in the manufacturing and service of all Dynatest equipment. Most problems in the field can be resolved over the phone and with parts shipped directly to the customer. 

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Throughout the years, Dynatest has maintained and grown its agents and distributors network. We are constantly looking to expand the agents and distributor network to support our clients. Dynatest has a strong brand, which is well recognized around the world. Our current agents and distributors benefit greatly from cooperating with us. 

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