Accelerated Pavement Testing (APT)



Dynatest/CSIR have a staff of engineers and technicians who are highly experienced in APT research as well as HVS operations and can be made available to your organization through technology transfer projects.  Dynatest/CSIR personnel can provide the following engineering support:

  • Identification and prioritization of research needs

  • Development of a strategic APT plan

  • Design of experiments

  • Design, construction, and instrumentation of pavement test sections

  • Data acquisition

  • Data analysis

  • Documentation and reporting of APT technical results

  • Implementation of APT findings

  • Dissemination of information regarding APT results and benefits, and

  • Designing an appropriate laboratory program in conjunction with APT testing


We can also provide comprehensive 24/7 support for operating, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing HVS equipment.

Provides the following Engineering and Economic Benefits

  • Faster and more practical evaluation and comparison of new material, modified binders, construction techniques

  • Quickly moves from section to section, to allow for efficient use of equipment and test facilities

  • HVS International Alliance provides knowledge transfer and collaboration between users

  • Dynatest offers a knowledge transfer package, enabling the client to start testing and producing data and reports quicker

  • Produces savings of 10-15% on annual new build construction costs, by scientifically validating that the correct material, design and construction techniques are used to build the pavements

  • The HVS is a mobile device, enabling it to test at different locations, testing real sites at full scale

  • Testing on construction site allows testing of local conditions and subgrade material

  • Extendable beam option gives larger testing area and higher test speeds

  • 10,000 passes unidirectional and 20,000 passes bi-directional per 24 hours

  • Automatic/programmable wander over a width of 0.9m (35.4 inches)

  • Testing speed up to 12.8 km/h (8mph)

  • The HVS Mark VI is capable of applying wheel loads to 200 kN (45 kips)

  • The larger HVS Mark VI-A is capable of simulating aircraft wheel loads of up to 440 kN (100 kips)


Application Examples

  • Dynatest/CSIR entered into a long term contract with the University of California at Berkeley and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in 1994 (the CAL/APT program), to provide APT support services. This project has been very effective and the ongoing program has been very successful.  It has proven the economic benefits of APT testing and vastly increased the level of interest in APT activities in Caltrans.

  • Dynatest entered into an HVS operations contract with the Florida DOT in the late summer of 2000.  Under this contract, Dynatest provides 24/7 operations, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair services for their Mark IV HVS.  Since that time, their HVS has logged over 25 million unidirectional load passes or about 2 million passes per year.  Dynatest's involvement has allowed FDOT personnel to concentrate on the main task, pavement research.