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Airports and aviation authorities are becoming busier by the day. Pavement maintenance has to be planned to minimize, disruptions, costs of emergency repairs and the possibility of Foreign Object Damage (FOD). AIRPORTS (Airport Information Retrieval for Pavement Optimization Rehabilitation Treatment System) utilizes technologically advanced mechanistic pavement performance to determine the optimum rehabilitation scenarios over a User defined timeframe up to 25-30 years.

Key Benefits

  • Budget comparisons determine optimum use of resources within budget constraints

  • Runway closures and rehabilitations can be planned

  • A number of airports can be installed into the AIRPORTS database improving the efficiency of the cost/benefit optimization

  • Networked software allows input of data from various locations and control of database and optimization from a central location

  • Modeling of both Asphaltic and Concrete pavements can be handled by the system

  • The effect of new aircraft can be quickly assessed

  • The Airports PMS can utilize PCI data to calculate the cost of short term preventive maintenance

  • Optimizes over a user defined timeframe up to 25-30 years, considering multiple rehabilitation option scenarios

  • Uses moduli, stresses and strains

  • Deterioration models combine structural and functional modeling

  • Models can be improved as more data is collected