Calibration for Pavement Analysis Equipment


Dynatest offers calibration services for all Dynatest equipment - both in Dynatest calibration centers and at customer's facilities.

Dynatest's qualified service personnel are available to support and provide equipment service and calibration at customer's premises.

Falling Weight Deflectometers
FWD and HWD owners typically perform relative calibrations of the geophones at regular intervals. Factory reference-calibrations of the FWD, HWD and LWD can be performed on the geophones, load cell, and temperature sensors, at the Dynatest PSC in Florida or at Dynatest Denmark. In-field calibration services are also available with our portable calibration equipment.


Dynatest profile measuring equipment includes static calibration equipment and the users can perform this calibration at regular intervals.


Friction Testers
Dynatest friction testers have built-in electronic calibration facilities for daily operation. Calibration equipment is also available for our friction testing equipment. Owners may have their annual equipment calibration done either at their home location or at a Dynatest service location.