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CDL Class A Truck Driver

Alpharetta, GA

Dynatest North America, is a pavement engineering firm, based in Alpharetta GA, that manufactures various types of pavement data collection equipment as well as offering pavement engineering consulting services to our clients across North America. Dynatest was founded in the US in 1978 and our clients include Federal (including US Military), State, County, and Municipal governments as well as other pavement engineering and design firms. Data collection equipment types include systems for measuring structural strength, smoothness, and friction properties of highway and airport pavement networks (see

Dynatest is introducing new technology to the marketplace known as the RAPTOR (Rapid Pavement Tester). It consists of a truck-semitrailer combination that is operated over the road at normal highway speeds while using very sophisticated and expensive sensor technology to measure the structural properties of the pavement.
Dynatest needs a highly experienced, accident free, over-the-road driver to operate the truck for both mobilization to project sites around the US as well as conducting measurements. This will entail constant travel, much like other typical long-haul driving positions.


  • Operate the truck/semi-trailer combination in accordance with State and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety and driver reporting requirements and according to client-based scheduling and location requirements.

  • Ensure that the truck/semi-trailer combination is maintained in such a manner as to comply at all times with all State and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

  • Assist Dynatest technicians and engineers on an as needed basis to meet the requirements of individual data collection projects and schedules.

  • Assist Dynatest with other non-related activities at our Alpharetta GA location, on an as needed basis, during periods of Raptor inactivity.


• Class A license per Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements
• Current medical examiner’s certificate
• 10 years over the road experience
• Position entails continuous travel
• Must be US citizen, able to successfully pass background checks for gaining access to military installations and other high security areas. (Dynatest personnel will assist with the approval process on a case by case basis)


• Salary based position (not mileage based).
• Annual vacation
• Health insurance
• 401K

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