Dynatest was founded in 1976 and is a highly specialized pavement equipment and computer software programs manufacturer and developer.

The company was founded by Mark Hayven, Richard Stubstad and Anders Sorensen who met together at the Danish Technical University. The team developed the first Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD). Mark Hayven was the commercial brains, Richard Stubstad the civil engineer and Anders Sorensen the mechanical and electronic engineer, all brilliant in their own field.


Dynatest went on to develop the first Heavy Weight Deflectometer and more recently the FastFWD.

In the late 90s Dynatest entered the “mature” profiling market developing the Road Surface Profiler. The RSPIII and RSPIV quickly became a huge success offering excellent quality and reliability.


In 2003 Dynatest purchased the profiling and friction divisions of KJ Law. Dynatest updated the electronics and software producing the 6875, 1295 and 995 friction devices we offer today.

The Consulting Division of Dynatest has provided pavement engineering services and products to the global community since 1976. We are an established company with an excellent reputation in the industry. We pride ourselves on our unique combination of in-house analytical expertise and practical, in-the-field capabilities that enable us to successfully perform many different types of projects and provide practical solutions for a wide array of clients.


Dynatest is a multi-national company with offices in Denmark and the USA. A global network of agents, partners and distributors reaches out to the pavement community worldwide. 

Company background Dynatest
Company Background Dynatest
Company Background Dynatest