Sales Engineer | Dynatest

Position: Consulting Technician

Office: Ventura, CA

Duties: This position includes a combination of duties related to field data collection, equipment maintenance/support and data reduction. The specialized test equipment is based in Ventura California.


        Field Data Collection

     Learn to operate and maintain Dynatest’s various pieces of specialized pavement testing equipment including, but not limited to:

  1. Falling/Heavy Weight Deflectometers (F/HWD) and Fast FWD

  2. Light Weight Deflectometers (LWD)

  3. Locked Wheel and Continuous Slip Pavement Friction Testers for Runways and Roads (RFT and PFT)

  4. Road Surface Profilers (RSP)

  5. Multi-Function Survey Vehicles (MFV)


  • Operate the various pieces of test equipment on projects as needed

  • Assist with manual pavement distress field data collection as needed

  • Provide suggestions for process improvements


       Equipment Support/Maintenance

  1. Assist with the maintenance of the various pieces of test equipment.

  2. Keep the various pieces of test equipment calibrated and certified, as needed

  3. Assist in training other field staff on the operation/maintenance/calibration of the various systems, as needed.

  4. Provide and/or assist with providing equipment calibration services to Dynatest equipment clients (friction, profilers, F/HWD)

  5. Provide suggestions for equipment/software improvements

  6. Assist with development of new applications of Dynatest equipment

       Data Reduction/Analysis

  1. Conduct limited data reduction and learn to recognize proper data formats and values for the F/HWD, LWD, RSP, P/RFT, and MFV

  2. Perform pavement distress rating using Dynatest Explorer, as needed in the office

  • And other duties as required.

        Special Position Requirements:

  • Travel Required, Estimated travel time (Field/Office): 70/30

  • Must be able to travel by air.

  • All Dynatest North America, Consulting Technicians, are required to have a valid DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

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