Dynatest helps its customers design and maintain better roads and airfield pavements and is a specialized civil engineering company dedicated to pavement engineering services, pavement testing equipment, pavement performance analysis software and pavement management.

The Dynatest global organization includes highly skilled pavement engineers and technical staff as well as a very innovative R&D team, accumulating many decades of industry experience.

Our consultancy services include: condition surveys, bearing capacity analysis, evaluation of roughness and skid resistance - for road and airport pavements. We also provide Accelerated Pavement Testing (APT) engineering and research expertise, as well as Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) operations and maintenance services.

Dynatest develops and manufactures Falling Weight Deflectometers, Friction Test equipment, Road Surface Profiling equipment, Multi-Function Vehicles and Heavy Vehicle Simulators.

The Dynatest Pavement Management Systems, as well as Dynatest analysis software tools are deployed by customers worldwide to optimize their pavement quality and maintenance.

Our customers include road and airfield agencies, contractors and consultancy companies.


Dynatest was founded in 1976 in Denmark by a group of engineers who changed the way pavement analysis and designs are undertaken. The company's emphasis on innovation has led to a full range of pavement engineering services and highly specialized equipment of remarkable quality and reliability.


The Dynatest Methodology is a product of the experience of many consulting projects over many years, the real-world practical equipment development and support, and the pavement engineering research and innovation - embedded in Dynatest software pavement engineering tools and our Pavement Management Systems for both small and large networks.


Introduction to our management team.


Introduction to our engineering team.