Dynatest Explorer (DE) | Software for Pavement Analysis



Dynatest Explorer (DE) is a versatile software tool that allows for the storage, post-processing, and retrieval of data from all Dynatest equipment. DE can further be used for automated analysis of 3D images from the MFV equipped with the LCMS and provides a suite of tools for the manual analysis of 2D images collected from the MFV with the LRIS. Dynatest Explorer provides the engineer with detailed information on the pavement section condition in a graphical or tabular format. Data can easily be plotted on a GIS mapping system, to provide an overview of the network and output for reporting.


Key Benefits

  • Plots FWD, ELMOD, RSP, Friction, ROW images and Visual data on the same screen for evaluation of data

  • Plots multiple lanes

  • Plots data from different years for comparison

  • Calculates the Bicycle Profile Index

  • Linear transformation enables re-stationing of all data

  • Data can be exported to both the PERS and AIRPORTS PMS

  • Automated comparison between field inspections, manual LRIS visual inspections and automated LCMS crack detection, classification, and raveling

  • Automated crack detection and crack classification, reducing analysis time and costs

  • The Distress Rating Module provides a simple solution for rating of distresses of images produced by the LRIS