Equipment for Pavement Functional Analysis


Dynatest provides a range of tools for determining the ride and surface quality of the pavements, which can be used for evaluating road or airports.

In the 1990s, Dynatest developed the Road Surface Profilometer (RSP), designed to measure the pavement profile, International Roughness Index (IRI), Ride Number (RN) and rutting of pavements. The functionality of the RSP has been expanded to include the collection of macrotexture, crossfall, gradient and radius of curvature and Right of Way images.


Both the RSP-III and RSP-IV can be upgraded to a Multi-Functional Vehicle (MFV) with the Laser Crack Measurement Systems (LCMS) from Pavemetrics, which have also been integrated into the Dynatest software, enabling accurate automated visual distress surveys to be conducted at traffic speed, day or night.


​​The Dynatest equipment meets and exceed international standards and sets the benchmark for quality, reliability and support.