HVS Associated Products


The HVS associated products have been developed by CSIR to aid in the monitoring, analysis, modeling and research performed by the HVS.


1. Multi-Depth Deflectometer (MDD) 

The Multi-Depth Deflectometer is used to continually measure the in situ elastic deflections using up to 6 Linear Variable Differential transformer (LVDT) modules, recording the permanent & elastic deformation during a test.


2. Road Surface Deflectometer (RSD)

The Road Surface Deflectometer measures road surface deflection at the test point to ascertain road surface deflection.


3. On-board Laser Profilometer

The on-board laser profilometer enables the collection of both longitudinal and transverse profiles, before, during and after trafficking by the Dynatest HVS. The laser based system is integrated into the HVS control system.


4. Crack Activity Meter (CAM)

The Crack Activity Meter enables the road engineer to monitor cracks and their activity so that an appropriate maintenance or improvement strategy can be selected. The CAM measures load.


5. Stress in Motion pad (SIM)

The Stress in Motion Mark V System measures the 3D contact stresses of slow moving vehicle tires on a road surface. This type of information is of great importance to design towards an optimum asphalt layer type and thickness in relation to the supporting road structure, and the expected axle/tire loading and tire contact stress. The SIM pad provides important data to modern mechanistically-based road pavement design for optimizing the cost of roads over their design life. Simultaneously measures the vertical (Z), transverse (Y) and longitudinal (X) vehicle tire/road interface contact under a moving wheel load.

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