Maintenance for Pavement Analysis Equipment


Service and maintenance at regular intervals ensures that the equipment is kept at a good operational level with the correct accuracy. Our experience shows, that regularly serviced equipment has a greatly reduced risk of down-time.

Such service is typically done once per year, depending on the intensity of the use and on local or national requirements or standards.


Dynatest offers a Maintenance Agreement Plan (MAP) for FWD, HWD, RSP and friction equipment. This includes a routine check of all the equipment functions, replacement of worn or damaged parts and updates of hardware and software. This is normally combined with calibration of the equipment, and will take from a few days to a week. The MAP covers all the mechanical, hydraulic, electric and electronic equipment, which are needed for the basic operation.

A major overhaul of the equipment may be required, for example, if the equipment is damaged by an accident. In such a case, the Service Department will re-use as much as possible of the functional components and will replace damaged components and parts.


The Dynatest equipment is very durable. Some of our customers have had Dynatest equipment in operation for several decades. This life time may exceed the operational life of the towing vehicle. Our Service Department can provide customized outfitting of a new towing vehicle.

Many customers have multiple units - please contact our service team for service and maintenance contracts to cover all units.


A Software Maintenance Agreement is offered to Dynatest software users, who have received training from a qualified Dynatest Trainer. The Software Maintenance Agreement provides:

  • Program maintenance releases

  • Hotline technical support for the operational use of the program

  • Discount on new versions