Multi Functional Vehicle (MVF) | Dynatest



The Dynatest Multi Functional Vehicle combines the functionality of the RSP with the Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS) from Pavemetrics. The MFV measures the IRI/RN, longitudinal and transverse profile, macrotexture, raveling and   geometrics (crossfall, gradient, and radius of curvature).  2D or 3D pavement imagery from the LCMS across a 4m width enables rapid and objective crack detection and crack classification, and up to 8 Right of Way cameras, providing a complete view of the road and assets. The MFV brings safety to the forefront, allowing surveys of roads and airports to be performed from a vehicle at normal traffic speeds, day or night, precluding the need for traffic management.


Ideal tool for both airport and highway testing

Key Benefits

  • Operating at traffic speed precludes the need for traffic management

  • Data can be collected day or night, at speeds up to 62 mph (100 km/h)

  • Rapid evaluation and screening of all sections of the network

  • The crack detection and crack classification procedures allow for rapid, objective and accurate identification of cracks

  • The 3D capability of the LCMS allows for the rating of raveling

  • Surveys a 4m pavement width, producing a continuous image of the pavement surface in a single run

  • Detects cracks as narrow as 1mm

  • Dynatest Rating Module (DRM) allows for manual distress analysis of the pavement surface to be performed quickly and efficiently

  • Safer roads both for the engineer and the public

  • RSP-III with the LCMS option can collect IRI, RN, longitudinal profile, transverse profile, crossfall, gradient, radius of curvature, automated crack data, raveling, macro texture, Right of Way Imaging and 2D & 3D pavement images in a single pass