Dynatest offers a wide range of pavement engineering consulting and testing services around the world. Our clients benefit from the expertise and experience of our Pavement Engineers, who focus on providing practical, innovative, and technically sound solutions across all areas of pavement engineering. We pride ourselves on our unique combination of technical skills, testing capabilities, and practical, in-the-field experience that enables us to successfully perform a diverse and challenging array of pavement engineering projects. The suite of pavement consulting engineering services offered by Dynatest has grown significantly over the past 40 years and today includes:


  • pavement management system implementations and updates;

  • automated, semi-automated, and manual visual pavement distress surveys;

  • pavement structural testing, analysis, and rehabilitation design;

  • pavement friction testing;

  • pavement profiling;

  • pavement quality control and quality assurance testing.


We provide these services around the world to public and private agencies responsible for managing roadway, airfield, and seaport pavements. As industry leaders in their respective areas of expertise, our Engineers also make the time to focus on atypical pavement engineering-related projects, which include: public agency-sponsored research and development (R&D) initiatives; development of pavement engineering and management training programs, and forensic pavement investigations. With the rapid growth of Dynatest's Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) equipment sales, our Engineers have also found a unique role in developing and implementing Accelerated Pavement Testing (APT) programs around the world. In their spare time, our Pavement Engineers are working closely with their colleagues in Dynatest's R&D Division developing the next generation of pavement testing equipment and analytical software solutions.