The Dynatest Methodology is the technical philosophy that underlies all of the products and services developed and supported by Dynatest.


The Methodology is founded on the engineering principles that relate the pavement performance to material quality, traffic loading and environmental factors.


This analytical or mechanistic approach emphasizes the structural characteristics as well as the functional condition to predict pavement performance, optimize maintenance and save costs.


The Dynatest Methodology is a product of the experience of many consulting projects over many years, the real-world practical equipment development and support, and the pavement engineering research and innovation - embedded in Dynatest software pavement engineering tools and our Pavement Management Systems for both small and large networks.


The primary Dynatest market includes public and private road and airport authorities, port and airfield managers, consultants, and engineers, who are responsible for the maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of pavements.

This market uses the analytical techniques and processes to better manage the large investment that is made in roadway and airfield pavement network infrastructure.


With access to unlimited budgets, maintaining pavement networks to a uniform excellent condition would not be a problem. However, given the usual budget constraints placed upon the public sector, or the cost efficiencies exercised by private companies, it is important that the pavement infrastructure is maintained and improved upon in the most cost-efficient and beneficial manner possible.


Dynatest is committed to providing access to its technology on a worldwide basis, and has offices and agencies around the globe. These entities subscribe to the Dynatest Methodology, thus providing a uniform, consistent worldwide product support network.

Dynatest Methodology