Pavement Friction Testing and Analysis


Dynatest's Engineers and Technicians have performed network and project-level friction evaluations of thousands of roadway and airfield pavements over the past decade. Dynatest's fleet of pavement friction testing systems include the following: (1) "locked-wheel" Pavement Friction Tester (PFT), (2) "continuous fixed slip " Highway Friction Tester (HFT), and (3) "continuous fixed slip" Runway Friction Tester (RFT). 


Key Economic Benefits

  • Proactive identification of early-stage functional/safety problems, which enables the development of economical, pre-failure rehabilitation solutions

  • Routine, network-level friction testing facilitates the more optimal allocation of limited pavement rehabilitation funding based on relative pavement needs

  • Practical testing plans developed by our experienced Engineers combined with Dynatest's friction testing equipment's rapid testing capabilities result in competitive testing and data analysis costs 


Key Engineering Benefits

  • Routine friction testing assists agencies in better modeling how the frictional characteristics of their pavements change over time

  • Forensic friction testing may assist in evaluating pavement conditions at accident sites

  • Friction testing during pavement construction and rehabilitation projects may be used for quality control 


Application Example

Dynatest performed state-wide friction testing for Vermont DOT. Uniform sections are monitored on a regular basis in connection with the Vermont DOT's pavement management program, and appropriate maintenance and rehabilitation strategies are determined, in part, based on collected friction data.