Pavement Distress Surveys and Analysis


Dynatest's Engineers and Technicians have performed automated and semi-automated pavement distress surveys on roadway and airfield pavements around the world. In order to ensure consistently high quality data, our Engineers not only oversee - but actively participate in - all aspects of our projects, ranging from field data collection to data interpretation and analysis. Dynatest's Multi-Function Vehicles (MFVs) have been deployed by our Engineers for automated and semi-automated distress surveys around the world. Continually upgraded with the latest technologies, our MFVs are capable of collecting geocentric pavement data, including: (1) high-resolution 2D and 3D pavement surface imagery; (2) right-of-way photo logging; (3) roughness and rutting data; and (4) pavement geometrical data.


Key Economic Benefits

  • Routine distress surveys support the development of pavement performance models, which may be used to better predict future pavement condition and develop more optimal M&R plans

  • Cost-effective, single-pass, multi-attribute pavement data collection

  • Less overhead than manual condition surveys for mid- to large-sized agencies

  • Safer than manual surveys - both for the traveling public and pavement inspectors

  • Detects cracking sooner


Key Engineering Benefits

  • Permanent visual record of pavement conditions at the time of inspection may be used to monitor long-term pavement performance or track the progression of specific pavement issues

  • Geocentric data enable easy locating of pavement distresses for project-level pavement management activities, such as developing crack sealing and patching programs

  • Geocentric data facilitate integration with other asset management systems for true cross-disciplinary infrastructure management, such as scheduling utility repairs in advance of pavement rehabilitation projects


Application Example

Dynatest Consulting, in partnership with Woolpert, performed a semi-automated pavement condition survey on 540 miles of roadway pavements managed by the Cook County Highway Department, Illinois, USA. We deployed a Dynatest MFV to collect high resolution pavement surface and ROW imagery as well as pavement longitudinal and transverse profile data. This data was processed by Dynatest Engineers and entered into a comprehensive pavement management system, which the County is now using to assist in multi-year maintenance and rehabilitation planning and project formulation.