Pavement Management Systems (PMS)


Dynatest's Engineers have expertise and experience in implementing and updating both roadway and airfield pavement management systems. We strive to implement practical, sustainable systems that serve as effective decision-making tools. Our engineers are experienced in implementing several pavement management systems, including MicroPAVER™, Cartegraph™, and Dynatest's own PERS™ and AIRPORTS™ packages. 


Key Economic Benefits

  • Optimization of pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation (M&R) funding allocation

  • Minimization of pavement M&R life-cycle costs

  • Justification of pavement M&R funding needs 


Key Engineering Benefits

  • Objective, repeatable pavement condition assessments

  • Historical record of pavement conditions and M&R histories

  • Development of practical, executable M&R plans 


Application Example

Dynatest Consulting, in partnership with JMT and Shahin and Assoc., implemented a pavement management system for 1,800 miles of roadways pavements in Prince George's County, Maryland, USA. We performed a semi-automated Pavement Condition Index (PCI) survey on all pavements managed by the County. Based on the results of the analyses performed as part of this project, the County was able to apply for and receive over $10M of Federal stimulus funding. 

Pavement Managemet Systems (PMS)