Pavement Quality Control and Quality Assurance


Dynatest's Engineers have experience in testing pavements at several stages of construction. By proactively evaluating pavement characteristics at appropriate times during construction, we assist our clients in identifying problems and, when necessary, selecting appropriate corrective actions to ensure that final pavement structures meet specifications. Dynatest provides QC/QA services to pavement contractors as well as State, County, and Local Agencies. We also provide these services to Commercial and General Aviation Airports and the Department of Defense.



  • Structural testing and analysis (LWD, FWD, and HWD)

  • Profiling (RSP)

  • Distress surveys - manual, semi-automated, and automated (MFV)

  • Friction Evaluation


Key Benefits

  • Independent, third-party testing and evaluation of pavement characteristics

  • Proactively identifying and resolving construction issues

  • Testing performed by trained and certified Dynatest Engineers and Technicians using certified, calibrated, and proven Dynatest equipment


Application Example

Dynatest Consulting provides pavement profiling services to several highway contractors throughout the states of California and Texas. Dynatest's Engineers and Technicians measure and assess the profile characteristics of pavements throughout at appropriate stages of construction to determine whether they meet the ride quality requirements set forth by the Texas (TxDOT) Departments of Transportation. By proactively monitoring pavement ride characteristics during construction, contractors can correct problems rapidly and avoid costly remedial actions and/or construction penalties.