Road Surface Profiler (RSP) MK - IV | Dynatest




The RSP-IV is the portable version easily attached to any vehicle with the capability to attach 1 or 2 lasers. Options include texture capable lasers, DGPS, and ROW cameras.


The Dynatest 5051 Mk IV Road Surface Profilometer measures a number of indices and characteristics including the longitudinal profile, International Roughness Index (IRI), Ride Number (RN), transverse profile & macrotexture.The system can also provide data for the Boeing Bump Index calculation. The RSP has a unique "Stop & Go" functionality enabling the equipment to operate in an efficient manner in urban areas, at traffic lights, stop signs, junctions and roundabouts, making it an ideal tool for data collection on both urban and rural networks. The equipment meets the ASTM E950 Class 1, AASHTO R57 and State road standards, such as the Tex-1001-S, for accuracy, ensuring that the data can be used for project and network evaluation and in Pavement Management Systems


Key Benefits

  • Rapid roughness screening of all network sections

  • Operates at traffic speed so no traffic management is required

  • Offers real time data collection, analysis and storage, saving precious engineering time for post-processing of data

  • Texture lasers can collect both IRI/RN and macrotexture data simultaneously in a single run

  • Automated monitoring of laser readings ensures high quality of data

  • Highly accurate, repeatable and reproducible data allowing data to be used in a PMS

  • Modular system, is easy to maintain, service and upgrade

  • "Stop and Go" feature allows for testing of short sections and urban streets, making the RSP an ideal tool for project level as well as network level data collection and analysis

  • With the GPS option, all data can be geo-referenced allowing plotting in a GIS system

  • The RSPwin Field program gives step by step guidance for the calibration of lasers, accelerometers and DMI making calibration simple and easy to perform

  • The RSP can be upgraded to a Multi-Function Vehicle (MFV)