The development of RAPTOR was supported by Innovation fund Denmark and carried out in cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark


Dynatest RAPTOR


RAPTOR Updates (Rapid Pavement Tester)

January 2019

"Dynatest’s new RAPTOR service measures and records the state of pavement at driving speed.

Dynatest has begun accepting orders for the Rapid Pavement Tester, or RAPTOR, service, a new way to measure and ..."

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January 2019

Join us at Transport Research Board (TRB) 2019 Annual Meeting to get up close with our latest innovation in pavement evaluation and our new consultancy model.

August 2018

"Dynatest has developed a new way to measure and record the state of pavements, using a machine that travels at the same speed as traffic..."

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Smith, K. (2018). New non-destructive testing technologies for roads and bridges. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Aug. 2018].

August 2018

During the RAPTOR demonstration tour in Italy, Dynatest presented the new technology for network level pavement evaluation.

August 2018

RAPTOR measuring highways of the Alps.

July 2018

The Municipalities of Florence and Rome, Autostrade per l'Italia and ANAS SpA had an opportunity to experience the capabilities of the RAPTOR, such as pavement evaluation at traffic speed and continuous data collection at an affordable rate.

January 2018

RAPTOR (Rapid Pavement Tester) launched at TRB 2018. Presentation of the equipment and the technology at the AFD80 comitee meeting and the DaRTS Workshop. Dynatest accepts orders for the RAPTOR Services. 

April 2018

Dynatest RAPTOR on display at TRA Conference 2018.

May 2017

Dynatest has now finalized the design of the RAPTOR vehicle to be used for services in 2018. The vehicle consists of a specially designed semi-trailer and a standard truck. The semi-trailer, which is now in production at the facility of a German contractor, will carry the RWD technology developed at Dynatest, as well as other optional systems such as LCMS.

October 2017 

The Dynatest RAPTOR prototype performs 100 km of road measurements. The test was conducted in the vicinity of Dynatest's European headquarter in Copenhagen. The comprehensive bearing capacity data-set was supplemented with Falling Weight Deflectometer measurements.

January 2017 

The article: Inferring Pavement Layer Properties from a Moving Measurement Platform, by Dr. Sebastian Andersen DTU, Dr. Eyal Levenberg DTU and Dr. Mathias Bækbo Andersen Dynatest Denmark, is now accepted for the BCRRA 2017 conference in Athens.