APT testing with the Dynatest FastFWD.

During the development and heat testing of the first FastFWD, the machine was put through over 1.5 million drops. Using the FastFWD was therefore a natural progression, especially with Dynatest long experience of Accelerated Pavement testing with the Heavy Vehicle Simulator.

In 2015, Professor Marradi of Dynatest Italy and the University of Pisa was tasked by Fiumicino Airport to determine whether a new glass foam material could be used to stabilise the subbase material on FCO airport, runway No.3.

Laboratory methods have their limitations, Full scale APT testing, is expensive, difficult to mobilize to site and more often than not is not available within a short time period.

The FastFWD can easily access the site and is relatively cheap.

The stress levels from a A350, the design aircraft and the A380 at the subbase interface was calculated. Over 3-4 days, 2 sites were tested with a 100,000 load repititions at different loads.

Following analysis, it was possible to determine the strain criteria for the new material and whether the material was suitable for landings from the A350 and A380.