Dynatest has designed and developed a suite of software to aid pavement engineering and management.

Dynatest Explorer brings all the pavement survey information together, providing the engineer an overview and the ability to make reports to different stakeholders.

The ELMOD program is the world's premiere commercially available software for analysis of Falling Weight Deflectometer data. Designed to be used globally, it utilizes user definable parameter files to input material type, vehicle loading and environmental conditions. ELMOD then uses user-selectable analysis techniques to achieve best results, allowing quick comparisons for final decision making. Based on the FEM/LET/MET module from ELMOD, LWDmod provides an ideal analysis package for the Light Weight Deflectometer.

The PERS and AIRPORTS Pavement Managements Systems are used worldwide. Both are essential tools in the present economic environment to be able to model the pavement correctly in order to determine the optimum and as such most cost-effective time of rehabilitation.