Trainning in Pavement Analysis Equipment


Equipment training is provided as part of the delivery of Dynatest equipment. This can be done at a Dynatest facility, possibly in combination with a Factory Acceptance Test, or at the customer's site.


This training includes a review of the operation of the equipment, an overview of the various functions and applications, as well as routine maintenance and calibrations. It also includes the operation of optional equipment and auxiliary sensors (e.g. temperature, DMI, GPS). In-field data collection is normally performed to give the customer's operators hands-on experience during training.


The equipment training will enable the customer's operators to operate and calibrate the equipment, perform data collection and check the validity of the data.


Dynatest software training is provided as class-room training, either at a Dynatest facility or at the customer's site. For the shorter software training courses, such as with LWDmod, the training can be conducted via WebEx™ or Skype®.

Software training includes a review of the relevant pavement engineering principles, an overview of the software features and functions, as well as post-processing and analysis of real life data.


The software training will enable the customer's operators or engineers to perform data interpretation and post-processing and use the range of analysis tools that are available in Dynatest software.