Truck Mounted Deflectometer (TMD) | Dynatest




To optimize product life, Dynatest evolved the vehicle design to enable relatively straightforward conversion/interchangeability to a new vehicle at the completion of original vehicle life cycle, or to a trailer-mounting if preferred. The Dynatest Truck Mounted Deflectometer (TMD) is particularly suitable for test environments requiring overall shorter length testing platforms (without losing deflection bowl coverage) or in which stand-alone vehicle purchases or vehicle-trailer operations are problematic.


As with all members of the Dynatest Model 8000 and Model 8081 Falling and Heavy Weight Deflectometer product lines (FWD & HWD), the TMD provides fully automated, fast, highly accurate and precise measurements suitable for use with standard analysis and design procedures including especially rigorous mechanistic-empirical analysis of pavement structures such as the proprietary Dynatest ELMOD (Evaluation of Layer Moduli and Overlay Design) program.


Key Benefits

  • Dynamic loading enables mechanistic-empirical analysis of the pavement layers and the determination of optimum rehabilitation strategies

  • Automated and rapid structural pavement testing

  • Determines the layer of failure, rather than determining simply the bearing capacity

  • QA/QC of newly built pavements

  • Compares a range of rehabilitation options, including plane off and recycling rather than just applying overlays 

  • The use of the TMD provides accurate, reproducible and repeatable structural data

  • Automated and real-time monitoring of the load cell, geophones, and data variations ensures high quality of collected data

  • Uses mechanistic-empirical analysis applicable to most of the pavement structures